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    KKL – JNF, one of the oldest environmental NGOs globally (since 1901), specialises in Sustainable Forest Management. Additionally, as a result of a special covenant with the government of Israel (enacted in 1961), KKL-JNF acts as a National Land Development Authority and as the Forestry Service of Israel. Within this mandate, KKL-JNF is maintaining and regulating Israel’s forests and open spaces over 300.000 acres. For this specific proposal, we are offering our knowledge in restoring wetlands for climate and biodiversity benefits by bringing to the table the methods, tools and training methods we had developed over the years. Moreover, as for the unique condition in which KKL-JNF owns parts of Israel’s lands, we can offer a demo site for any consortium that we will be participating in.

    KKL-JNF想合作申請的call :

    (1) HORIZON-MISS-2022-OCEAN-01-08
    (2) HORIZON-MISS-2022-OCEAN-01-09
    (3) HORIZON-MISS- 2022 – CLİMA- 01

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