[Partner search] 土耳其格濟大學(Gazi Üniversitesi)尋找M-ERA.NET Call 2021夥伴(化工材料領域)

    We are planning to apply to the M-ERA.NET Call 2021 with a project related to the development of polymer matrix composite materials to be used in aircraft fuselages.

    The name of the project will be “Development of Self-Healing Thermoset Polymer Matrix Composites” based on especially self-healing carbon-reinforced bismaleimide composites. The main objectives of this project iş as follows:

    · To prevent the invisible micro-cracks formed in the fuselage of the aircraft from growing over time and to allow the material to heal itself as soon as these cracks occur.

    · To ensure the closure of cracks formed within 24 hours and at room temperature without any intervention.

    · To provide ease of repair and prolong the service life without wasting time.

    · To maintain the damaged material to regain all properties.

    · To set an example of change, development, and innovation in the promising aviation field, which is important for our country and the EU both for today and for the future.

    Based on those objectives the project will contain the following steps:

    1. Determination of sampling and sample preparation methods,
    2. Determination of representativeness, strength, thermal stability, homogeneity and stability tests,
    3. Analysis of samples for as many different analytical methods as possible, different national/international parameters (accredited if possible) persons and organizations
    4. Statistical data analysis
    5. Validation of analysis results
    6. A production strategy report for the production of self-healing carbon-reinforced bismaleimide matrix composites to be used in self-healing activities of carbon-reinforced polymer matrix composites in different fields.

    In this study, we are planning to coordinate the project with a partner from Turkey and 3 or more partners from other countries who want to collaborate with us. This project will enable us to gain technology related to high-performance composites with molecular design, functionality, and characterization for enhanced reinforcement interaction. The utilization of these materials will be the objectives of future projects. The utilization of the self-healing functionalities and the objectives of the future projects. The answer we receive from you is important in order to be able to complete the project participants for applying the project as soon as possible (preferably until 11 June 2021).

    As a result, we offer a partnership to you in this project that we have undertaken. (But it is important to note the eligibility of national/regional funding regulations given in Appendix IV in the call text.) We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your contribution and collaboration in advance.

    Best regards,

    Prof. Dr. Fatma Çiğdem GÜLDÜR
    Dr.Öğr. Üyesi CEREN HAKTANIR
    MSc Candidate Nour JOBRAN Chemical Engineer

    PS: You can find our summary of the research field and activities in the links below also.



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